Terida delivers expertise in all phases of traditional and iterative development methodologies.  We are experts at analyzing business challenges and mapping those to a variety of technologies including custom web applications, services oriented architectures (SOA), and integration frameworks.  We develop secure applications using industry-standard development toolsets and can deploy turnkey SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions from within industrial-strength environments.

Terida has broad experience in delivering custom solutions to our clients, on time and on budget, and has developed a set of proprietary web-based technologies relevant to these endeavours. We integrate these technologies with best-of-breed technologies available, world-wide, to provide our clients with a complete web-based solution that meets their exact business requirements.

Our corporate mission is to provide value to our clients through a practical, common sense approach to project implementations and the appropriate application of technology to solve business problems.  The Terida team moves quickly and skillfully, with an emphasis on using straight forward solutions to solve complex legal and healthcare challenges.  We are not proponents of the rip-and-replace or solve-it-with-money methodologies associated with some of our larger competitors.  Nor is our incoming assumption that any design or system that might result from our efforts will use a proprietary technology or suite of products from any one particular vendor.

Developing custom web-based solutions is all about execution.  Terida’s deep experience dictates that successful implementations depend on defining clear business objectives, an agile and flexible project approach, and the appropriate use of Information Technology.   The Terida team is less concerned with contract change orders and scope creep than in performing admirably at the behest of our clients. We make the professional and personal sacrifices necessary to solve hard business problems and pride ourselves in:

  • Delivering flexible, secure, and extensible custom development projects utilizing industry-standard development frameworks and integration technologies,
  • Deployment of vendor, database, and platform-neutral solutions for our legal and healthcare clients, and
  • Delivering high-value technology projects on time and within budget.