Member Information
First Name: Judy
Middle Name(s): Kathaleen
Last Name: Hawley
Commonly Used Name in Practice
Commonly Used First Name in Practice: Judy
Commonly Used Last Name in Practice: Hawley
Language(s) of Practice
Language(s) of Practice: English
E-mail Address
E-mail Address:
Business Address
Name of Employer
Name of Employer: Not Practising
Registration Information
Registration Number
Registration Number: 003358
Date of Initial Registration
Date of Initial Registration: Aug 10, 2015
Registration Category
Registration Category: Registered Psychotherapist
Terms, Conditions and Limitations

This Member, as is the case with all Members, shall practise with Clinical Supervision until s/he has completed a total of 1000 Direct Client Contact hours and 150 hours of Clinical Supervision.

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