Terida is the world leader in designing, deploying and hosting solutions that support highly complex, large scale litigation.  We provide the entire spectrum of services necessary for emergency and disaster management, and efficient, effective and equitable class action administration.  Our expertise and experience, and our web-based technologies streamline litigation and disaster management, and the processing of claims and settlements.  For maximum benefit, our solutions integrate case specific information, web sites, portals, user forms, reporting tools, evaluation, assessment, audit functions, work flow methods and business intelligence.  When required by the Courts or our clients, Terida fields a completely bilingual solution.

Terida team members are experts in advising clients in, and providing technology to, support all phases of web-based justice systems including:

  • Class Actions, Compensations, Insolvencies, Valuations and Disasters,
  • Mass Torts, Mass Damages and other Group Actions, and
  • Claims, Settlements and Distributions.

We customize our services to the unique requirements of each case, and provide value and support to our clients from case start to final resolution and closure.

Terida delivers engagements through a combination of an international, multi-disciplinary team approach, extremely deep industry expertise and a flexible, web-based technology framework.

We provide consulting and information technology (IT) services ranging from advisory support of your legal team to fully customized implementations of our CLASsoft™ Technology Framework, a set of web-based technologies to better serve our clients’ needs for:

  • Data collection,  case valuation,
  • Forms design, database and document management integration,
  • Claims registration, evaluation, assessment and dispute resolution, and
  • Distribution analyses, payout, reporting and audit.

We maintain secure collocation facilities, and provide turnkey mass claimant solutions for:

  • Product Liability cases including Medical Device Failures,
  • Food Contaminations and other Health Emergencies,
  • Fire, Rail, Air, Explosions, Evacuations and other Disasters, and
  • Fraud, Price Fixing, Demutualization, Taxation and other Financial and Securities matters.

Our mass claimant solutions:

  • Leverage Terida technologies and experience,
  • Integrate complex business and legal requirements with organizational and institutional rules and environments,
  • Contain important features such as comprehensive security and permission hierarchies, bi-directional encryption, authentication and audit, and built-in notes and reminders,
  • Guarantee authorized users 24/7 access to real-time information, and
  • Reduce risk, decrease costs, and increase productivity, effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction.

Contact Terida – we provide value at every stage of the case!